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Nothing compares to the fascinating "Lençóis Maranhenses," a Brazilian Natural Park located in northern Maranhão, created on June 2, 1981 and covering an area of 155,000 hectares on the banks of the Preguiças River, where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Its charm is due to the beautiful sand dunes, up to 40 meters high, and the crystal-clear freshwater ponds that form between them. It’s a unique ecosystem that’s associated with strong winds during the summer and heavy rains in the winter. A curious fact about this unique ecosystem, is that it’s not known how the ponds formed by rainwater make it through the dry season.

Not even the strong winds can curb visits by researchers and adventurers, who become enthralled by the beautiful scenery of Lençóis Maranhenses.
  Exploring this sand-covered vastness is a unique yet exacting experience. Be sure to bring along plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Atins located between the Atlantic Ocean and the mouth of the Preguiças River. It is a village where even today it seems that time has stopped, since internet, telephone and electricity – so common in today’s modern world – are still rather precarious there.

Amidst this natural beauty, we can take refuge in nature, take walks along the beach, or just relax in a hammock enjoying the scent of the cashew trees. The more adventuresome can also enjoy this beautiful place for ecotourism and sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and other water sports.